CEEL Program Guide

Together, we can create the kinds of flourishing schools that are at the heart of flourishing communities.


The creation of the Servant Leadership oriented Character Education focused Emerging Leaders (CEEL) Academy grew out of a desire to nurture and empower emerging school leaders in Greater Saint Louis and develop a pipeline of school administrators who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to implement comprehensive character education in their schools. Funded by the Kern Family Foundation and the John Templeton Foundation, CEEL is a multi-layered professional development program that is a blend of the CCC’s flagship program, the Leadership Academy in Character Education, and our more recent work on servant leadership. Over 12 months, a cohort of school administrators are engaged in an array of interactive, skill-building workshops that focus on the cultivation of servant leadership virtues, including courage, forgiveness and gratitude. Additionally, program participants complete assignments that provide the building blocks of a character education implementation plan.

By helping emerging leaders more holistically and confidently step into the role of a servant principal, CEEL enables school administrators promote the virtues of servant leadership in the faculty, staff, and students they interact with. We hope this guide will serve as a blueprint for launching a character education-focused professional development program to help transform whole school communities.