Practicing Virtues


A key component of the CViL project involves developing virtues-based scenarios for an online database and virtual reality simulations that focus on the cultivation of servant leadership virtues, such as courage, forgiveness and gratitude in emerging school leaders in Greater Saint Louis. An advisory board created by the Center for Character and Citizenship (CCC) consisting of seasoned school administrators assured that the virtues-based scenarios address contemporary, salient issues in today’s schools. These interactive scenarios give school leaders an opportunity to rehearse virtuous language and hone servant leadership skills.


School administrators practice and master their servant leadership skills through an online platform that uses a blend of immersive virtual reality technology and human performance to create a highly realistic training environment that mimics the real-world challenges educators face every day.

Simulation Demonstration

Scenario One: Cell Phone Infraction


The overarching goal for this simulation is to access the school leader’s ability to use servant leadership virtues to address the incident outlined below.

After you observe the school leader performance, you will use the debrief form to evaluate how well she used virtues to empower school staff to navigate difficult conversations and promote positive relationships between the school and parents.

Dr. Kashina Bell

Scenario Overview

As head principal of Eastside Middle School, Dr. Kashina Bell is meeting with her assistant principal, Mrs. Turner, after she has come into a conflict with a parent. The student, 7th grader Ashley Simmons, received disciplinary action after repeatedly violating the school’s cell phone usage policy by using her phone in class repeatedly and posting a video of another student on social media. Assistant principal Turner wants to suspend Ashley, and her father, Mr. Simmons, became angry and strongly disagreed with Mrs. Turner. He feels the punishment is too harsh for what he believes are minor infractions. Ashely does well in school and has no other disciplinary infractions aside from the warnings issued regarding her cell phone use. Eastside is a systematically under-resourced school. Dr. Bell plans to conduct a meeting with Mrs. Turner to resolve the situation. She will utilize the servant leadership virtue definitions to help her approach the scenario and consider how to display the virtues in her actions and cultivate them in Mrs. Turner.

Key Objective

Dr. Bell will demonstrate her ability to use servant leadership virtues to address the issue with Mr. Simmons. Dr. Bell will focus primarily on displaying and cultivating humility, empowerment and forgiveness. These virtues should help facilitate community building, relationship maintenance, and harm reduction for all parties.


School Leader Profile

Dr. Bell, has spent 25 years as a servant educator in urban and suburban schools. Currently, she is the assistant superintendent for people and general administration in The School District of University City. Prior to Dr. Bell’s role as assistant superintendent for people and general administration, she was assistant superintendent of student services in the School District of Clayton, principal of Northeast Middle School in the Parkway School District, assistant principal in a middle and high school setting, and a high school mathematics and business education teacher.

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